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Greatest Airliners 737-400 Liveries (Textures)
Greatest Airplanes PA-28 'Archer' Aircraft, virtual cockpit
Eurowings Professional Cockpit graphics, BAe-146 exterior model
German Airports Static aircraft models
Mega Airport Frankfurt Lufthansa Base
Patrouille Suisse Virtual cockpit, exterior model enhancements
Diamond DA-20 'Katana' Cockpit graphics, exterior model
virtual cockpit, documentation
Dornier Do-27 A1/B1 Cockpit graphics, exterior model
virtual cockpit, documentation,
systems and instruments development
Fokker 70/100 Cockpit graphics
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Lufthansa Flight Training Graphics A340 CBT Software
> design
servicetrace User interface
FlightXPress Magazine Cover (2004-2007)
FlightXPress Magazine New content layout in 2006.
Look-L1R Website
SimFlight Network Website, Logo, Awards
Simmarket Website, Logo, Advertisement
DANUR Computerflight Systems Cover art of 'Ein Schrank fliegt nach Lukla'
Taquikuna Cover art/ Booklet of 'Iniciar A La Vida'
Misc. Software Producers Logo design and box cover art